episode 1x04 - When I'm Sixty Four

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In memory of Don S. Davis.
Loved by many, and known as Major General George Hammond from Stargate SG-1, Scully's dad on X-Files and Major Garland Brigs from Twin Peaks.
And just Chuck, from this episode.


During a routine drill with the Airforce Search and Rescue Techs, Carly fails to secure the stretcher properly while hooking it onto the hoisting line causing it to drop in mid air. In embarrassment, she rudely mouths off the the SARTECH'S.

Still having nightmares, Andrew gets frustrated with his counselling sessions and quits.

Miro talks to Carly about how she reacted with the SARTECH guys. She doesn't like others thinking they are better than her. During this time a sweet old lady mistakes her for a meter maid.

Miro and Carly come across a retired couple who are going to cruise to Alaska in their cabin cruiser that he spent the last 10 years restoring. This is the first time the cabin cruiser has been in water.

Andrew tells Amy that he quit counselling so she tries to encourage him to talk to someone else, resulting in an argument.

Miro gets mad that he can't get money out of an ATM causing him to kick the machine and give it the finger. (not the middle finger, just a finger. ;-) ) Soon he realizes that Gwen is standing behind him waiting to use the ATM herself. He starts up some small talk trying to apologize for his attitude the other day. She's still upset since he dumped her. "I never asked for you to fall in love with me, but for honesty." He says "OK, so can I come over and have sex?" Her reply was, "YOU @$$ HOLE!!!!" and walks away. He yells, "Is that a maybe?"

Laura complains to David about how Miro got the Captains promotion and she didn't. David suggests that she proves herself to TPTB by trying a little team building by inviting the crew over for dinner. At first she says no but then agrees.

Carly opens up to Wendell while he paints her toe nails. Talks about how she's been judged all her life.

After a church service, the priest tries talking to Andrew. It doesn't go well.

The crew find written invitations to Laura's dinner party. Everyone panics. Carly and Miro are worried that they have to bring dates. Barry is the only one looking forwards to it.

Miro goes for a drive in one of the undercover coast guard vehicles Tongue and finds himself a date for the party. A very young flag girl.

While on their cruise, the retired couple find out that their boat is sinking. They radio for help.

While the crew heads to the rescue on the MLB, they are informed to stand by and let the AirForce take care of it by chopper. The Airforce team has trouble getting the couple off the boat since he refuses to leave his boat behind. Frustrated, Carly decides to jump in and convinces the husband to leave the boat. As the couple are hoisted to the chopper, the crew are able to rescue their little dog.

At the dinner party, Carly and Wendell show up first, then Barry, Andrew and Amy. Carly starts comparing her life with Laura's. Miro shows up with the young flag girl as his date, not fully realizing just how young she really is. During dinner everyone gets a chance to get to know each other in a very awkward way. Laura (in a sort of friendly way) attacks Miro and the way he does his job.

It was asked if Laura and David were married and they replied that they weren't but that they wouldn't mind being. Tina storms off in a rage.

As the even progresses, Carly gets drunk, stripes down to her underwear and jumps into the hot tub. Barry dances with Miro's date, Miro and David share a drink, Amy and Laura clean up while Wendell and Andrew talk.

A drunk Carly wants to go home. She starts complaining how she thinks everyone is better than her. Frustrated, Wendell has to leave her alone, then she takes off to the bar on her own. Meets up with a SARTECH guy and fools around with him.

David turns in early. Tells Laura that he doesn't want her to stop living her life because of him. Laura goes to say good-bye to her remaining guests.

Miro finds an upset Tina and tries to lighten the mood by telling her about how his five sisters use to curl his hair, then tries to get her to compete in a spitting contest with him. She laughs. While Laura is listening in, Tina confesses that she is afraid of losing her dad to Laura and that she will be alone. Tina gets up to leave finding Laura there and gets mad.

Miro says to Laura that "this" was non of his business but the two of them were his business. He informed her that he was going to request that they get into CR. (conflict resolution) Laura's not happy.

Still drinking, Miro goes to Gwen's place for a booty call. After giving him some grief, she invites him in.

Amy and Andrew talk that compared to everyone elses problems, they have it pretty good, ending in a good night.

Thanks to Bird for the synopsis.

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  • Steve Bacic as Miro Da Silva
  • Jeremy Guilbaut as Andrew Vanderlee
  • Zoie Palmer as Carly Greig
  • Claudette Mink as Laura Nelson

Special Guest Star

  • David James Elliott as David Renwald


  • Ryan Robbins as Wendell Linham
  • Mieko Ouchi as Nori Sato
  • Julie Patzwald as Amy Vanderlee
  • Teryl Rothery as Gwen
  • Gordon Woolvett as Barry Winter
  • Adrian Holmes as SAR tech guy
  • Eve Harlow as Tina Renwald
  • Tinsel Korey as Martine the flag girl
  • David Lewis as Ted the minister
  • Nicola Cavendish as Vera
  • Don S. Davis as Chuck, Vera's husband

Guest Stars

  • Patricia Drake as Stress Counselor
  • Micheal Eisner as Previn, Tina's friend
  • Brianna Russell as Ellie
  • Taya Calicetto as Libby
  • Agam Darshi as Dharma
  • Armaun Mangat as Navbir
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Script by Raymond Storey

Sar Tech: "Man - this chick's got issues!"

Carly: I have no concept of myself as an older person.
Miro: Really? Well, I do.
Carly: Really? You can see yourself as an old man?
Miro: Sure - varicose veins, prostate the size of a grapefruit, making a play for the nurse as she bends over to clean my bedpan.
Carly: I find your fantasy very unsettling.
Miro: So do I - but I was describing my dad.
Carly: If you ever see me in a visor and sandals, would you take me out back and shoot me!

Carly: Oh God - I hate yappy little dogs.
Chuck: Can it you little shit-disturber.

Miro: Sweet old couple.
Carly: You ever think you'll be married for forty years?
Miro: No.

Miro: Listen - I was thinking - maybe the other day I was being a bit of ... I don't know ...
Gwen: The word you're looking for is asshole.
Miro: Asshole is a bit harsh ...
Gwen: Miro - you dumped me!

Miro: Is that a maybe?

David: Prove you're better by being better.

David: Hey - if he's as inept as you say he is, he'll hang himself. Inept don't survive.
Laura: Gimme a break - I work for the government!

David: You attract more flies with honey than with vinegar.
Laura: I know exactly what attracts flies and I'll leave that for Miro.

Wendell: No one makes you feel inferior unless you let them.

Laura: You don't have to bring anybody if you don't have anybody.
Miro: I have somebody - of course I have somebody.
Carly: Who?
Miro: You don't know her.
Carly: Do you?
Miro: Yes! Yes, I know her.

Miro: (mutters) Of course I have somebody

Chuck: You wouldn't know what was wrong if the engine was belching fire!

Carly: I do't know where this ends for me!
Wendell: Where do you want it to end?
Carly: I know where I don't want it to end - on some beach in knee-highs, lying next to some fat bald slob.

Wendell: You go destroy yourself - I don't have to watch you.

Miro: Family sucks. I know. I have five older sisters - they used to curl my hair.
Tina: Shut up!
Miro: They did! It scarred me for life - I still hate them.

Gwen: Do not tell me you have showed up at my door at midnight for a .. booty call?
Miro: Why? Are you busy?
Gwen: Do you think I have no self respect? ... get in here ... and get your pants off!

Amy: You know - whatever problems we might have, compared to the rest of the people you work with, you've got it pretty sweet around here.


The text on the dummy says: "I am always right".
David and Laura have been together for two years.
Chuck's boat is called The Little Darling.
"Mayday" evolved from the French "M'aider".

The Coasties get mistaken for Meter Maids - in reality, the coasties have been mistaken for mail men too.


None right now

Reality and CGI

In a real drill and real life situation, the crew of the lifeboat are not allowed anywhere near the bow of the MLB when a hoist is being carried out

The SAR techs are responsible for gathering the patient and securing him into their basket stretcher (or whatever else they have to use) and hooking onto the hoisting line. The MLB crew is to stand-by until needed.

During a hoisting off an MLB the downdraft of the helo overhead is intense! Anything that's not bolted or tied down will disappear off the boat in a real hurry and can become a projectile which is dangerous for the crew of the helo.
"Dummies" are not used to hoist with. The sartechs usually drop a basket onto the deck and simulate putting someone in then hoisting off again.

The "snake" 912 is based out of Comox Airforce base, 19 wing, so they won't be at the bar with the CCG crew for the night life.

When a situation arises where their services are needed, they show up and are instructed by the onscene Coast Guard - they are not put as onscene commander.

A hoist for that situation will only be conducted if the MLB cannot get close enough to get the people off. If able the MLB will go alongside the sinking vessel to rescue the occupants WITHOUT jumping onto the other vessel. Jumping will only create problems if someone slips, or misses the other boat, or if the deck is rotten they might jump right through it causing injury to themselves or the people onboard.

Running is another no-no on smaller boats like that. Running will also create more problems if someone slips or stumbles and falls off the boat.

The scene where the lifeboat arrives to the sinking boat with the helo doing a hoist, the lifeboat is CGi'd into that shot

Thanks to CCGEngineer for the reality check

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