episode 1x02 - Live Free

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A routine lifeboat drill on a Greek freighter turns into a struggle of life and death, when a cable snaps, trapping a young crewman in an underwater air pocket. Haunted by a previous recovery, Andrew sees visions of Dharma, the dead Sikh woman as he attempts to rescue the trapped man. Carly considers selling her Dad’s fishing boat, which forces her to confront the ghosts of her childhood—the poor kid from the docks. Miro challenges his “body-conscious baggage” when during a fire fighting mission he meets Gwen, the sensual owner of an “all-ages, clothing optional family compound.”

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Fire in the compound

Putting out the fire

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  • Steve Bacic as Miro Da Silva
  • Jeremy Guilbaut as Andrew Vanderlee
  • Zoie Palmer as Carly Greig
  • Claudette Mink as Laura Nelson

Special Guest Star

  • David James Elliott as David Renwald


  • Teryl Rothery as Gwen
  • Ryan Robbins as Wendell Linham
  • Mieko Ouchi as Nori Sato
  • Gordon Woolvett as Barry Winter
  • Julie Patzwald as Amy Vanderlee
  • Tantoo Cardinal as Ursula, motel owner
  • Stephen E. Miller as Doug, boat buyer

Guest Stars

  • Tharasso Petras as Thenasi
  • Mike Antonakis as Attis
  • Igor Morozov as Russian Sailor
  • Taya Calicetto as Lib Vanderlee, 9 years
  • Brianna Russell as Ellie Vanderlee
  • Agam Darshi as Dharma Singh, drowning victim
  • Armaun Mangat as Navbir, drowning boy
  • Sofia Savkovic as Young Carly
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Script by Raymond Storey

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