Eve Harlow of The Guard

Eve Harlow plays Tina Renwald, the rebellious teenage daughter of David Renwald (played by David James Elliott), a character she says, 'is just a really lonely, confused girl, emotions which she hides with anger. I think we've all been at that awful stage when everything seems to be working against you, and Tina deals with it by being aggressive towards people she perceives as being her 'enemies', like her Dad's girlfriend, Laura'.

Eve was born in Moscow, Russia; at a mere three months old, her family moved to Israel, and there she spent her childhood. The traveling didn't end there - in '96 the family moved again, this time to Vancouver, BC.

She knew from a young age that she wanted to be an actor, and when she turned 15, she got a job cashiering at a grocery store in order to pay for her acting classes. In her last year of high school, she got an agent who started sending her out to auditions, and the very first part she booked was a cameo in the the Oscar-winning movie 'Juno'. She has since continued to build herself a name, working on big budget projects like the Emmy nominated miniseries "The Andromeda Strain", to working on small, indie projects like "Sheltered Life" (a feature film just recently having made the rounds at various film festivals). She currently attends college, pursuing her other interest in literature, history, and creative writing.


Eve Harlow just passed her French exam.
She likes used book stores and random facts that promise to one day be useful in conversation.

So here's a random fact:
She's the sixth regular cast member (at least) to be in something called Andromeda.
Steve Bacic and Gordon Woolvett starred in the tv series Andromeda, and Roger Cross, Claudette Mink and Sonya Salomaa guest starred in it - and so did several of the Guard guest stars.
Eve played Leila in the 2008 mini series The Andromeda Strain

Eve and Eric McCormack in The Andromeda Strain
Eve and Eric McCormack in The Andromeda Strain

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