Steve Bacic of The Guard

Steve Bacic stars as maverick Duty Captain Miro Da Silva, a character he describes as “more about doing the right thing than being by the book. Miro hasn’t quite learned diplomacy and the political games associated with advancement.”

Born in Croatia, Bacic’s family immigrated to Canada when he was two and he grew up in Windsor, Ontario. In high school, he did some modeling but he loved playing sports and planned to pursue a related-career, either coaching or as a physical therapist. He earned an honours degree in Kinesiology with a minor in math from the University of Windsor. Along the way, Bacic got sidetracked from his original goal, ended up with his own business refurbishing cars and ultimately traveled to Vancouver, where he pursued acting. The rest, as they say, is history.

He has acted with Sonya Saloma several times before - as Jonas in Firefight, as Telemachus Rhade in two episodes of Andromeda, as Cole in The Toothfairy(2006), as James Emerson in All She Wants for Christmas, and as Eurylochus in Odysseus and the Isle of the Mists.
Steve Bacic also acted with Roger Cross in an episode of Highlander.


During breaks, Steve likes to practice his golf swings. Fortunately, he's using the lightweight ones with holes in them since he sometimes aims for Gordon Woolvett.
Don't worry - Gordon gets even ;-)

Telemachus Rhade from Andromeda - down, but not out
Telemachus Rhade  - Andromeda promo shot
Steve Bacic in The Colt
Steve as Eurylochus

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