Q and A with the cast of The Guard

Swimming - February 22, 2008

SARdean wanted to know: Have any of the cast perhaps taken lifesaving lessons in their younger years - Bronze Medallion for example?

Zoie Palmer (Carly):
Okay, I took swimming lessons when I was very very young and screamed and cried through every lesson and the instructor very politely asked my mother never to return with me.

Then I didn't ever take lessons again until I was up for this part.

Zoie in the water I have a very healthy fear of water as I nearly drowned when I was about eight years old. My very courageous sister Tracey, who actually followed through with her swimming lessons, without the screaming and crying, saved my life. Thanks Tracey!!!

When I found out I was up for the part of Carly in "The Guard" I panicked. "Of course" I thought, "I get a series and half of it will be me diving in the cold dark scary ocean." So, this of course brings us to the lessons. I hired a personal swim coach, I didn't even know how to swim the 'face down, front crawl.' So for weeks before our swim test to solidify our parts, I swam. And I swam, and every now and then, I swam. Until I felt pretty darn good. Then they flew me to Vancouver and I passed the test with flying colours.

That's it. That's the story. I think the real reason I passed was because, despite the desire to scream and cry during the swim test, I didn't. I just did it on the plane ride home to Toronto. It was hard actually because we were not told there and then whether or not we'd passed the test. I had to fly home, thinking I had done well, but not being sure if I had the role of Carly or not.
Ahhhhhhhh the life of an actor.
Still, I wouldn't change a thing. :)

Jeremy in the water Jeremy Guilbaut(Andrew):
I didn't take lifesaving when I was younger but I practiced with a swimming coach before filming, Peter Scott with Total Immersion Swimming. Also I'm right now in the process of getting certified for scuba diving, so I'm looking forward to that...

Steve Bacic(Miro):
I did a very simple cpr course in grade 8, didn't learn to swim until grade 4, took a half semester practicum in university where I had to swim 1 km during lunch, and have stayed out of the water ever since, ha ha!

Ryan Robbins(Wendell): new

I took swimming lessons as a kid but I was more interested in diving. I enjoyed the diving board and later I graduated to cliffs. We had a great set of cliffs on a lake where I grew up. I also used to enjoy diving deep into the water to retrieve objects when I was quite young. I almost drowned doing this in the backyard pool of my Aunt and Uncle's home. I threw an object in the pool and swam down to retrieve it but my shorts got stuck on the ladder on way to the surface. My cousin jumped in and rescued me.
I have to say, I still love the tranquility of being under water. My daughter really loves the water. We spend a lot of time at the pool...
These days my favorite body of water is the hot tub.

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